Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Icon Creative Technologies Group Purchases the Ann Arbor Art Association Building at 220 Felch Street

Ann Arbor, MI (February 27, 2009) – Bluestone Realty Advisors, one Southeastern Michigan’s leading providers of integrated real estate services, announced today that ICON Creative Technologies Group has completed their transaction at 220 Felch Street in Ann Arbor. ICON, an Ann Arbor-based interactive marketing agency, has been helping customers reach their key target audiences since 1994. After considering several local sites for lease and for purchase, ICON was almost immediately interested in the Felch Street building when it went on the market last September. The near-downtown location and 11,000 SF size of the building were chief factors in their interest. With two existing tenants remaining in the building, ICON will be able to expand its current operation, and have some space for growth.

ICON plans to occupy by the end of June. They have served more than 60 customers in the automotive, biotech and service industries.

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